Who can use FileYourStateTaxes?

In order to use FileYourStateTaxes in New York, you (and your spouse) must:

  • File your federal tax return using IRS Direct File and agree to transfer your federal tax return information to FileYourStateTaxes.
  • Have lived in New York for all of 2023.
  • Have no income from other states in 2023.
  • Not have lived, earned income, or maintained a home in Yonkers in 2023.
  • Not have been part-year New York City residents in 2023. Full-year NYC residents are eligible to use this tool.
  • New York City includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.
  • Not have withdrawn funds from a 529 college savings plan.
Uncommon situations that would disqualify you from using FileYourStateTaxes:

  • New York additions or subtractions to income reported on Form IT-225, including contributions to a NYC flexible benefit program reported on W-2, box 14, labeled “IRC 125”.
  • Filing with a special condition code on line G of IT-201.This includes extensions to file for specific purposes such as combat duty or death of a spouse.
  • You want to file a state filing extension.
  • You need to file a 2023 amended state return to correct a return previously filed.
  • You want to file your federal and state tax returns using different filing statuses (for example you file as Head of Household on your federal tax return and want to file Single on your state tax return).

Learn more about the restrictions of use for IRS Direct File and FileYourStateTaxes in New York State.