What are my other state filing options this year?

If you used IRS Direct File to file your federal return and you choose not to file using FileYourStateTaxes, you most likely still have to file a state tax return. See more information about your other filing options below.

State Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) in your state
We’ve partnered with VITA sites in your state to create a state-only filing process for eligible households. Volunteers will help prepare and e-file your state tax return for free. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

The process:
  • Complete a short form to request state-only assistance. 
  • VITA volunteers will give you a call to ask for additional information. 
  • The VITA partner will share a link to securely upload your federal tax form (1040), tax documents, and ID. 
  • Once your return is ready, they’ll schedule a call to review and answer any of your questions. 
  • You’ll sign your state tax form online. 
  • The VITA site will e-file your state taxes.

Other companies and services
Other companies offer state-only tax filing but be careful not to submit your federal return again if you have already used IRS Direct File. A few tips for choosing a state only tax filing service:

  • Since you’ve already submitted your federal tax return, check to make sure the service or software you select will allow you to file a state-only tax return. You may need to reach out to their customer support to confirm if and how to do this.
  • Even though you only need to prepare your state return, you’ll be asked to reenter or provide the same information you reported on your federal return.
  • When you file, make sure you only submit your state tax return. If you submit your federal return again, it will likely be rejected.
  • Fees may apply.