Who can use FileYourStateTaxes?

In order to file your 2023 Arizona state taxes using FileYourStateTaxes, you (and your spouse) must:

  • File your 2023 federal tax return using IRS Direct File and agree to transfer your federal tax return information to FileYourStateTaxes. Note: if you received the Arizona Families Tax Rebate in 2023, you are ineligible to use the IRS Direct file tool. See other Direct File limitations here
  • Have lived in Arizona for all of 2023.
  • Have no additional income from other states in 2023.
  • If you are married, you and your spouse must file 2023 taxes jointly (you cannot file “married filing separately”).
Uncommon situations that would disqualify you from using FileYourStateTaxes:

  • If you withdrew money from a 529 college savings play and the funds were not used to pay for qualifying education expenses. Qualifying expenses include tuition and fees, books, equipment (including computers and other tech), room and board, apprenticeship programs, and K-12 tuition up to $10,000. Most other expenses do not qualify.
  • You want to file your federal and state tax returns using different filing statuses (for example you file as Head of Household on your federal tax return and want to file Single on your state tax return).
  • You want to submit an extension to file your state taxes later.
  • You or your spouse qualify as an injured spouse and are requesting protection from a reduction in your refund due to the other person’s delinquencies or debts.
  • You have additional income you are required to report on your Arizona return that was not included on your federal return (for example, interest income from a non-Arizona municipal bond). See all additions on page 5 of AZ Form 140.
  • You received a notice from the Arizona Department of Revenue informing you that a credit you claimed in a previous tax year is subject to "recapture" (that is, you have to pay back a portion of a previously claimed credit).