What Arizona credits and deductions does FileYourStateTaxes support this year?

FileYourStateTaxes can help you claim state credits, deductions, and exemptions to help you maximize your refund, including:

  • Exemptions for you, your spouse, and dependents if:

    • You or your spouse are 65 or older, or blind
    • You have dependents under the age of 17
    • You have qualifying parents and grandparents

  • Standard deduction
  • An increased deduction for charitable contributions
  • Dependent Credit
  • Family Income Credit
  • Increased Excise Credit
  • Arizona state taxes withheld from your wages or unemployment benefits
IRS Direct File will help you claim the most common federal tax credits before you use FileYourStateTaxes, including:

  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Credit for Other Dependents